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      Ok, well after reading all the posts this morning I am wondering if

      I’ve done the right thing by signing up here. But I am going to give

      the group a chance because I’m looking for money savings ideas and

      wanting to bit by bit chip away at my debt. I do believe I am

      responsible for myself and I am seeking ways to reign it all in.

      I am a credit junkie (meaning I’ve allowed myself to be trapped in the

      never ending credit, pay, get more credit cycle), BUT I am NOT overdue

      in any of my bills. I have NEVER been overdue in my bills. My credit

      rating is not as good as it could be because of the size of my debt

      load. But it’s above or near average depending on the reporting

      agency. AND yes I would like to learn how to live within my means at

      least most of the time. However, I do not have anything against

      getting, keeping or having credit cards, mortgages or auto-loans since

      the average person could never save a few hundred thousand for a

      mortgage. Heck, I could never save 15,000 for a used van for my

      business. If we pay rent we lose that huge tax relief called mortgage

      interest and the rent we would pay would usually be a little bit higher

      than what we might pay buying with a mortgage. Why pay someone elses

      mortgage interest for them? That’s all we are doing when we rent.

      I would appreciate not being looked at as irresponsible. GASP…I am

      around 50,000 dollars in debt and I am NOT scared or upset at the

      fact. I’m a little miffed at myself for letting the habit get out of

      control. So while yeah, I see and understand some of the viewpoints

      expressed against letting debt get out of control. I don’t appreciate

      the militant viewpoints that throw phrases around like “stupid tax”.

      I am against total bankruptsy but not against a reorganization

      bankruptsy that allows a person to pay off the debt over time with the

      judge forcing the companies to lower the interest rates. I haven’t

      done it myself. I choose to believe I can pay off my smaller cards and

      then direct those payments towards the bigger ones. I comfort myself

      with the idea that my interest payments are putting food on the tables

      of everyone that works for these companies. For those of you that are

      militantly against all credit, have you considered what would happen to

      our country if every family that has one or more wage earners working

      at these banks, mortgage companies, credit bureaus, credit collection

      agencies and finance companies were out of their jobs? After all, they

      earn a paycheck and then spend that paycheck back into our own economy

      which helps us all.

      As for how and why I’ve gotten into this debt? That’s a LOT of various

      reasons including huge dental bills, job loss for 10 months on the part

      of my husband, setting up and re-setting up my business whenever we’ve

      moved and yes, some of it was luxury items I wouldn’t dream of living

      without 🙂 Do I deserve these things? Heck yeah! LOL. I work 7 days

      per week, 24 hours per day and have for 21 years without missing a

      single day a long the way. It’s daycare by the way. I care for

      children from many families on all types of shifts. I get up all times

      of the night to let sleeping children go home and sleeping children get

      dropped off. So all my luxury purchases have been made to make my home

      and daycare appealing to the families and to myself.

      I don’t have that big screen tv yet! LOL. I am actually trying to pay

      my Dell account down really fast so that I can feel ok about buying

      one. In fact, my only goal financially at this point is to make sure I

      have 25% available credit in all my accounts. That would increase my

      credit bureau score and lower my interest rates. Then, as I continue

      to step 2 of the proccess, I can pay off everything that is only a

      couple thousand dollars or less which would allow me to close about 25%

      of my overall cards/accounts again increasing my credit score and

      reducing my interest.

      I did just recently buy 492 dollars worth of carpet with CASH! LOL.

      That is a huge step in the right direction for me.


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