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      My introduction – 60 yrs old, downsized and getting help/employment from AARP SCSEP (18 hrs at $7) and taking $ out of retirement. The last job I had paid $14 hr – medical billing. i clung to that job for over a year under new management that was hostile to put it mildly. Part of why it is harder for me to find a job is that I could not work in an industry that exploits customers. Medical billing for a non-profit was an education in how callous and greedy health care has become. i did burn out during that time and could not go back to that type of work.

      What prompted me to this introduction is Suzi’s comment; I truly don’t believe that credit cards and debt keep people from
      putting food on the table. Laziness does.

      I’ve recently gotten the dvd ‘Maxed Out’ from the library which could be what Lucy was referring to. it is not flattering to the credit card industry or the credit collection companies that are also flourishing – definitely an eye opener. i suggest those of you who see credit card cos and banks as innocents just trying to make a buck get the movie. it was stated that the credit card cos revenue comes from the poor who get in trouble where they can exponentiate fees. Can you say loan shark!

      The poor are a convenient target for blame – they got themselves into that mess!! My take on it, now that I am one of them, is that we had a lot of help in getting there. But according to Phil Graham I’m suffering from ‘mental recession’, hmmmmm!! Will big pharma invent a pill for that? hope it doesn’t exceed my credit card limit!


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