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      Join your local freecycle or another keep it out of the landfill type group and
      start looking for a freezer. Things like this are given away all the time, also check your local area
      on for free items, you may just get that freezer!
      We just got two great chairs “free” and as we were sitting in our new chairs looking around our newly empty (the kids finally moved out) room I told hubbie
      you know…..we could furnish this and get everything we need from freecycle so we’re going to see how the room develops over time.

      Elizabeth Farnsworth
      Shaklee Independent Health & Wellness Distributor

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      From: Suzi McMullen
      Date: 7/12/2008 4:15:50 AM
      Subject: Re: : My introduction…

      I’d like to do the bulk buying. But first I’d have to buy a freezer and find a place to put it all. Our cupboards are always overflowing as is. I feed a family of 5 plus another 4-5 kids at every meal. I can’t/won’t skimp on what I feed the daycare kids because too many providers do. They get fresh fruits and veggies, only whole juices without sugar added and watered down to further reduce the sugar, becauseeven natural sugar isn’t great. They get generous portions so that I can teach them to eat their veggies. Their parents usually will just give in and give them Micky D’s. It takes time and money to teach these kids to have a wider and healthier pallet. We probably do manage to feed the family and the daycare on around 1200 per month. That’s around 5 people, some drinking formula, whole milk etc. I wish I could go buy a cow! LOL.


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