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      That is a huge myth….

      While I don’t recommend renting (except it today’s market it is too crazy),

      mortgage “tax relief” is not that great versus just paying your house off.

      Have you watched the video about our nation and credit cards? I can’t

      remember the name of it, but I bet someone here knows it. Very, very

      enlightening. You won’t look at credit cards and loans the same way again.

      Would I be sad if credit card companies lost their jobs? Well, I view

      credit card companies with about the same regard as drug dealers. Would I

      be sad if a drug dealer lost his job? No way.

      Militant if you want….. But that’s just me. I’ve seen way too much pain,

      suffering and needless loss from debt.

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 6:10 AM, suzilmcmullen <> wrote:

      > If we pay rent we lose that huge tax relief called mortgage

      > interest

      > Suzi




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