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      I found this recipe on a blog; sorry, but I don’t have that link. I’ve used this for two weeks and I’m never going back. It makes a quart of dishwasher gel.

      If you have a powerful blender (I use a 600 watt Nutribullet), then liquify three whole lemons, minus their seeds and cut into small chunks, in 14 ounces of water (I do it in two batches, and yes, skins and all). Pour the liquified lemons into a saucepan, add 4 ounces of vinegar and 1 cup of kosher salt. Heat to just below a boil, and stir until the salt is dissolved, and continue to cook at a simmer for about 15 minutes.

      Cool and store in a jar or container that has a plastic lid. Metal canning jar lids will corrode, so do use plastic. Not only are my dishes and pots squeaky clean, my glassware sparkles, and my dishwasher no longer has any white minerals coating it!

      mine is all stainless steel inside, so i can really see it when it starts to build up, but this gel is remarkable in that nothing is required in the rinse reservoir anymore. it cleaned my dishwasher! lemishine worked, but it also removed the paint from measuring cups – ugh!

      plus, it is expensive. citric acid is very expensive and hard to find. this is all natural with only edible ingredients.

      i doubt i’d use it on my bone china or crystal, but it’s doing one heck of a great job on all my everyday kitchen ware and dishes, and even the acrylic mugs, and it is tough on pots and pans. i just made another batch, doubled it, and store it in a half-gallon plastic jug that smelled of picante sauce, but now smells of lemon! 😉

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      Hi all. I’m making this now & wasn’t too use it tonight. I have 2 questions:
      1) How much power load to use? 1 Tablespoon?
      2) Do I have to worry about mugs with words or pictures on them?

      Thanks. Have a great night.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Household Recipes My Homemade Lemon Dishwasher Gel