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      I make it from a plant that probably grows in or around your yard. Broad leaf plantain (Not the banana looking thing) is the one I use because it is abundant. You can use narrow leaf plantain also.
      Take a good amount of leaves and wash if really needed.

      Make sure you are getting plants free of pesticides and not picked from roadside. Simmer leaves in oil of choice ( I like coconut oil) for at least 4 hours over very low heat. I sometimes crock pot it for a couple days.

      Strain oil from leaves into containers and store in fridge.

      Also, this makes a great skin remedy. Bug bites, scrapes,rashes etc. You use the same method but I like lard with this one.

      It’s thicker.

      Olive oil is good also. Again, store in fridge.

      This remedy cured a rash that my husband had for months. Nothing touched it. I was out of our medicine.

      As soon as I could get my hands on it again I made more. Sure enough, in a couple of weeks it was gone.

      Just thought I would share.

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      I used to LOVE to use plantain for bug bites when we were camping, just crush the leaves and apply. I haven’t seen it all since we moved South. Between Plantain and Sweet Fern- we were all set if anything itchy got us. Sweetfern is actually a protected plant in this state. The last time we visited Maine, I picked a couple jar fulls and filled them with oil to decant.

      I’ve made salves several times with plantain, but have never simmered it,only let the oils/ plant set for a couple weeks. I’ll have to try it your way to see if it packs more punch, so to speak!

      Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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      You are welcome. It smells…Um, earthy. But we love it.

      I will be checking into sweetfern myself.

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      great post!!!i love plantain!! i also use it for hurts and cuts and old wounds that just wont heal, also use it on all the animals! i even put it in some of my soaps!

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      I guess I don’t know what broadleaf plantain is, never seen it or if I did, sure didn’t know what it was. What does it look like and is it a wild plant? I’d love to try this special cream as I’m really getting into a lot of “homemade” remedies and recipes.

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. Now all I have to do is to “find” some I can get. ♥

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      Does anyone have a recipe for a facial cleanser? Not so much cleansing cream. It does not need to be oily.

      I don’t think we have plantain in TX, but I will find out. This is a very interesting post.

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      Thanks for this … I am certainly going to give it a try 🙂

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      I don’t know what a plantain leaf looks like either, any chance some one has a picture, is it like a banana leaf?

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      I guess I will have to get in touch with my father that lives in Maine to see if he can get some for me and when he comes to visit bring it with him. I will be sure to try this..Thank You

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