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      —Your right about the generics, they are very good in most cases.

      The only thing I’ve noticed about the cinnamon rolls is the generics

      aren’t packaged very well. My dh takes the honey buns with him to

      work in his bucket. He also uses them for quick breakfasts

      occationally. I love the muffin idea, but he is just so darned

      picky, that I don’t think he’d eat them if I made them. I am

      considering just refusing to buy them as often or at all. My dh has

      some annoying health problems that the more I think about it, cannot

      be helped by his eating habits. Barb In, “herberkids3” wrote:



      > Maybe rather than getting them every time, make it a once every


      > weeks treat, and change up what you get each time you go shopping.

      > Maybe one week, you get the cinnamon rolls, and the next week, the

      > honey buns.


      > Being spoiled isn’t neccesarrily bad- if you can afford it. But


      > them an occasional treat instead of the every day norm would work

      as a

      > way to help ween them off of it, so to speak.


      > Have you tried generic brand cinnamon rolls? That’s all we get

      when we

      > do get them (about once every other month is all, and on holidays


      > make cinnamon rolls up for breakfast), and I can’t tell the


      > between those and brand name.



      > — In, “barbara_hrpr”

      > wrote:

      > >

      > > I did my grocery shopping today. I used cvs, kroger and

      walmart. I

      > > did it for less than 150, and that will have to do for the next


      > > weeks. I did forget to mention in the other post that I have


      > > sons, both who are 5 right now. My husband works odd hours with


      > > railroad, and is very picky and spoiled about his food. The


      > > cookies and honeybuns are his. He does like my homemade

      cookies, but

      > > say they don’t ‘keep’ as well as the store bought. The lysol


      > > are for wiping down things on the train and in the hotel things


      > > he is on his ‘rest’ time at work. My kids are spoiled to the


      > > rolls, pillsbury brand. But honestly mine are very good, but I


      > > get anyone to eat them. Soooo I need some advice about kids


      > > husbands who are spoiled to the wrong stuff. Barb

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