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      Hi All — this post might be somewhat off-topic for some of the groups I am emailing but I wanted to get the news out in just one shot so please bear with me…….No I did NOT YET have the baby……… I have, however been offline most of the time as I am now on full bedrest — technically speaking I am allowed up to eat, pee and shower only for the next week — Doc knows I am doing a little bit more than that though when Jack is working and has said that is ok as long as I am taking very easy when he is home and not overdoing it. Jack has been a HUGE help with Johnny and all sorts of stuff around the house that I have been unable to get to — I am so huge its hard to bend now LOL. I am on bedrest because my BP kept spiking and last week I had a little bit of spotting which turned out to be no big deal but I did spend most of thursday at the hospital getting bloodwork and an ultrasound and
      tests done, and having the baby monitored and my BP monitored — it was a little bit elevated but I was ok. I went home for the weekend and was feeling fine — I do have a slight cold/sinus infection but nothing major there — its just annoying at this point LOL. Monday I had my regular doctor appt and my BP spiked again, and instead of going down when I rested at theoffice it went even higher, plus I had the sinus headache from the sinus infection –rather than take a chance that it wasn’t from the sinus infection they sent me tothe hospital for a 23 hour stay — more bloodwork, 24 hr urine the works…… Bp stayed high for a while then my bloodwork came back that my potssium level was low and I had to take a supplement andlater an IV with that and more fluids. I also had another ultrasound so they could check the baby again and also see her weight and lung and heartdevelopment in case we have to deliver her earlier than
      planned. She is already a whopping 7lbs 2 oz and she still has almost 3 weeks until my due dateor 10 days until the planned c-section– I had a feeling she was big already but not this big LOL. I was guessing she was about 6lbs. She also was having a great time kicking her heart rate monitor off every time my machine checked the BP, thankfully with all of the times I have been there the nurses know that she likes to kick at that so they don’t panic every time she does it anymore. They buzz me and ask if she kicked it again before they panic now LOL. Only good thing about all of these scares is that I am learning all of the nurses names and know who’s who. In any event I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on if you see me online feel free to IM or email me but don’t be upset or worried if I don’t see the message — also I hope with any of the coupon trains that I don’t hold any up (though
      I currently don’t have any here — I have been going through them and mailing them back out the same day I get them so I don’t hold them up — if I handle it that way I hopefully won’t hold it more than a day or two even when I am in the hospital — hubby will be bringing me mail to go through for the 3-5 days I am there andwill mail stuff out for me if need be. I also like to keep my coupons organized and not piling up for my own sanity’s sake and I am trying to teach hubby how I sort things so if he has to shop without me (ok yeah right HAH) he can…….he hates shopping though. He is much happier home with my son while I shop — he knows I won’t spend in a week of multiple trips what he can spend in an hour because I plan my trips out and take my time with coupons once in the store 🙂 and I still get everything he asks for on the list :). Truthfully my grocery store time is my alone time — it gets me out of the house and gives me time to myself to
      think and plan stuff out for the week, without anyone bugging me for anything for a little while :)………I have been relying alot on convience foods lately and probably will do so for the next couple of weeks but that’s ok since I lucked out last week on frozen dinners and I knew I would be doing that. Once baby is here I will start cooking and freezing pre-made meals again. Right now I am living out of my freezer & pantry pretty much — Johnny should be starting head start preschool this week or next week hopefully so that will also make life easier too — he is doing alot better with pottty training and now does almost all his #1s in the potty and we’re working on #2s — i think its just a stubborness issue there. In any event as of right now I am still on for the c-section on 9/5/06 but that may get moved up depending on lab work results. I have another dr appt monday and they will let me know then. I will
      keep everyone updated. erica

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