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      I removed all my cabinet doors (14 in all). Scrubbed them really well. I
      bought two rolls of self-adhesive contact paper (is that repetetive?).

      measured really carefully and then adhered the paper to the cabinet doors (once
      got smart enough to turn off the ceiling fan, this was surprisingly easy). I
      repainted all the cabinet frames and the visible sides of the cabinets a really
      nice, light blue (not too light). The paper is white, with the same blue,
      wide checks…with tiny little strawberries interspersed.

      I am now in the
      process of applying polyurethane coats to the cabinet doors. When this is done,
      will rehang the doors…although I cheated and rehung two of the doors before
      applying poly. Just to see how they looked (I’ll take them back down and coat

      They look amazingly great! Anyway, here is a tally of what I spent:

      1 pint of blue paint ($5.50)
      2 rolls of contact paper (total cost: $11.28 at Wal-Mart)
      1 pint of polyurethane ($12.97)
      two pack of trimmer pads (rather than paint brushes) ($1.84)
      1 larger trimmer pad for applying poly. (1.78)
      1 brush-applicator bottle of super glue, for double checking the corners of
      the shelf paper ($1.97)

      total cost: $35.34…and my kitchen looks brand new! A woman I know at
      work, did this in her kitchen two years ago and says that her cabinets still
      brand new!


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