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      Cheap quick meals my fav as mentioned is breakfast for dinner since

      we are rushed in the morning and never have times for eggs and


      Grillcheese and fries/salad

      Grilled cheese and ham

      tacos (you can make up taco meat ahead of time and freeze!

      soup and sand (grillcheese/tomatoe/eggsalad whatever)

      rice with chicken breast cut up and add some sauce in the pan add a

      salad -this is one of my fav’s. You use less chicken then if you

      served a piece each!

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      > I have a fairly easy meal that isn’t very expensive and you can


      > make a large amount.

      > Over medium heat, saute onions and green peppers in butter (or


      > oil) until onions are transparent. The amount you use of onions


      > green peppers is your choice.

      > Cube potatoes (again the amount is your choice. I usually make


      > skillets full). Place the potatoes in the pan with the onions and


      > peppers.

      > Dice up a one pound package of polska kielbasa, polish sausage,


      > sausage or whatever meat you want to use and place it in pan.

      > Cover, stirring occassionally until potatoes are tender.


      > Takes about 30 mins. from start to finish and fills you up!

      > This is a very inexpensive meal especially when you get the

      kielbasa on

      > sale buy one, get one free!

      > Also I have a chicken and noodle skillet and a chicken and rice


      > if you’re interested. Just let me know.

      > StephanieB

      > Mother of 3 kids, a husband, a brother and a nephew! LOL (not to

      > mention the pets! lol)


      > — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “mkroom4trble”

      > wrote:

      > >

      > > I don’t know what i am doing wrong. I had spent all the moneys

      i had

      > > for food already. I have food but my meal planning seems to use


      > lot

      > > of it? How do you minimize the amount of the main dishes but


      > have

      > > a complete meal to feed six hungery people. Since my last

      request we

      > > had taken in my boysfriends son for two weeks so my food supply


      > > less. Please help. This child will not eat bread products.


      > >


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List my budgeting is back to where i started