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      Hey all.
      I dont' normally jump in to conversations when they don't apply directly to me, but I've been doing some serious research lately into my budget (which I have kept meticulously for years) and I'm finding the only possible places for me to cut costs are ride sharing and food shopping…
      Little background:
      I have a family of 3.
      my kids are with me 7 days on and 7 days off.
      I'm a vegetarian…so my food list is different, and a little more expensive (by choice) for certain things like cage free organic eggs (the cage free matters more to me than the organic part)
      I'm trying to give up dairy for personal reasons…but when I do buy milk, I buy it locally raw ($6 a gallon) skim the cream for butter, and either bake the buttermilk into biscuits or mix it into ranch dressing. (This MAY take an hour from skimming, to processing to dishes washed afterwards)

      ANYWAY….the purpose of my email/question is to see if anyone has a pretty up to date price book for the New England area. I haven't kept one for QUITE some time and wanted to get started again w/out having to do the legwork.

      If it makes a difference, the stores I have available to me are:

      Market Basket (DeMoulas)
      Hannaford Bros.
      Rite Aid
      I can get to a Price Chopper, but it is a good 40 would have to be for a stock-up item.

      Marie in Vermont

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