Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans My 91 day Food Storage Menu Plan

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    I’ve been working on a 91 day rotational menu plan so I can update my food storage to have exactly what I need and so we are eating something planned and different each day. We’ve been living on our food storage since June and find ourselves eating the same things over and over. Thankfully dh’s orders got straightened out and he starts getting paid next friday at last so we can get back on sound financial footing again.

    the kids and i have worked hard and adjust this several times and now we have it done. next we’ll work on breakfast menus and then add side dishes to these menus. but here are the first part:

    claypot chicken
    fish and chips
    quiche lorraine
    porcupine meat balls
    cream cheese chicken

    split pea soup
    roast turkey
    beef teriyaki
    chicken risotto
    vegetable soup
    pot stickers
    swiss steak
    grilled hawaiian chicken
    creole soup pot
    bbq beef sandwiches
    enchilada pie
    salmon croquettes
    turkey soup
    meat loaf
    roast chicken
    hot dogs
    white beans
    sweet & sour meat balls
    minestrone soup
    spicy peanut chicken
    roast with veggies
    taco baked chicken
    turkey supreme sandwiches
    shell roni dinner
    beef stroganoff
    sweet & sour chicken
    tuna tetrazini
    broccoli cheese soup
    pepper steak
    chicken fajitas
    vegetable fried rice
    spicy szechuan noodles
    dutch oven enchilada pie
    barley chicken soup
    turkey pot pie
    breakfast for dinner
    chicken parmesan

    ham & cheese ring
    salad bar
    tamale pie
    crockpot chicken dinner
    fresh fish fry
    french sweet & sour pork
    beef stew
    thai chicken
    turkey calzones
    7 bean soup
    chili mac
    chicken crescents
    grilled ham & cheese sandwiches
    chicken pot pie
    welsh rabbit
    dutch oven jambalaya
    sloppy joes
    rosemary ranch kabobs
    7 Can Taco Soup
    turkey noodles
    bbq chicken
    broiled flounder or whiting
    english muffin pizzas
    taco salads
    grilled hunan chicken
    chili dogs
    pinto beans
    rosemary lemon chicken
    turkey stuffed crescents
    baked spaghetti
    stuffed pork chops
    chicken gumbo soup
    taiwanese dumplings
    fried chicken
    shrimp fried rice
    bacon potato chowder
    beef fajitas
    sweet potato turkey croquettes
    chicken paprika’s


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    Great meal plan! Good job! 🙂

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    I don’t have a long term menu like yours, but I have made a list, broken down by category (such as Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, Side Dishes, Desserts, etc.) which I use for inspiration to help me plan menus. I guess the next step is organizing them into a specific order!

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    excellent work, girlfriend! so when does this plan take effect?

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    I’m trying to get the side dishes added and breakfast plan made up and then make a notebook plan of all we need and make two columns one of the amount needed for a year supply and the other with how much is on hand so I’ll know how to buy to get us up to a years supply. DH e-mailed me back and also suggested we put aside any left overs and serve those on Sunday so we only have to reheat and do no cooking turning it into a 15 week menu instead of a 13 week menu. Don’t usually have a lot of leftovers but son’s moving out again at the end of the month so maybe we’ll have more now.

    Don’t you just love the late teens/early 20 yr. old bouncing back and forth! I have a feeling this time might be for keeps.

    They both got pretty good jobs lined up and a nice apartment with a 1 year lease. Think it’s just me & the girls now for a couple years then I already know they’ll take off running. they both have a good head on their shoulders, saved up for college and almost have their cars paid off at age 16.

    I have a strong feeling they won’t bounce back and forth like their brothers did!

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    wow!!! That is very cool!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans My 91 day Food Storage Menu Plan