My 8 year old Raven

The Gloves are Off Daily Funnies My 8 year old Raven

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      My nephew, Raven, whom I’ve been raising since he was 2, is at the innocent age of 8 and is still trying to figure out how the world works. And he has some Interesting ideas about things. So when he comes out with these things you just have to try not to start laughing and go “What??”

      I dont know

      So here are some of the newest ones:

      We were eating at a buffet one night and Raven & Missy (my wife) were eating some jelly beans. Missy said, “the purple ones taste like medicine.” Raven said, “yum, they taste good.”

      He sat their quietly for a sec and then said,

      1) ” The Black ones taste like tires!”

      Ok 2 & 3 are part of the same conversation. So here goes… We were in the car today and Raven was looking at Missy’s gloves (the ones that stretch to fit your hands) and he put them on his hands and he said,

      2) ” Wow they almost fit my hands I only have one more grow left till they fit my hands.”

      So we were like what??, like usual, and he was thinking about it some more and then he says,

      3) “Aunt Missy, When you die can I have your gloves?”

      She said ” If you are that worried about it, take them! You’re not going to kill me over a pair of gloves!”

      Another day, Raven told me that he had a birthday in mommy’s tummy. I had to argue with him about no you have to come out of mommy’s tummy in order to have a birthday!
      This went on for about 5 minutes. He was convinced that he celebrated his birthday in his mommy’s tummy.
      Its just like the time that he was convinced that he was going to get his period and he started crying because we told his that wasn’t possible.

      Or when he asked me when he was going to get BOOBIES.
      That’s when you just have to laugh and write it down to embarass him with on his first date.

      I hope that this gives you as many laughs as it does me. 🙂

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      That was toooo funny!!!!!

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      LOL… too funny!!! 🙂

      ~ Misty

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      To funny………..I have an 8 year old also. Sometimes he can come up with so crazy things to say. I wonder where the ideas come from somtimes.

      I also get that “What” thing too. Your right, they are learning how the world works.

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      He He He…Thanks for the true life chuckle!

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The Gloves are Off Daily Funnies My 8 year old Raven