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      — On Thu, 7/24/08, Sherry wrote:

      Even icecream would last longer than the
      flavored creamers.


      I am not encouraging people to eat “out-of-date” foods, I am saying I do and am alive and not sick to tell about it.

      Last year at Christmas, Coffeemate had a delicious gingerbread creamer that I love. They also had a pumpkin spice flavored just as delicious. There were limited editions, I guess, like a book and were only for the holidays.

      After Christmas, Walmart had them for $1 and I bought all 17 they had. I have only used ½ of them. They are stored in the bottom drawer in my refrigerator.

      I opened a new one this morning and it is fine. I only use a tiny bit to flavor my coffee and then add the rest of my cream. Theyare 6 months out-of-date, but are fine.


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