Mrs Paws Dinner Menu 8/18/13 – 8/24/13

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans Mrs Paws Dinner Menu 8/18/13 – 8/24/13

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      Yikes..late again…

      Sunday-Freezer meal
      Country casserole
      bread sticks

      Monday-Crock Pot
      White beans
      fried potatoes

      Tuesday-planned overs
      Salmon patties
      l/o white beans
      brussel sprouts
      l/o cornbread

      Wednesday-Freezer meal
      Baked breaded chicken tenders
      baked sweet potato fries

      Thursday-Freezer meal
      Chicken, cheese, and veggie quesadillas
      Spanish or Taco rice

      Pepper steak
      jasmine rice
      garlic toast

      Chili dogs
      l/o slaw
      baked tater tots

      Desserts and Snacks
      stuffed celery
      baked peaches
      grilled nectarines
      green apples
      banana pudding
      banana bread
      apple empanadas
      hm chunky (no sugar added) applesauce
      peach dumplings
      hummus with veggies
      cheese and crackers
      chocolate chip cookies

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      Mrs Paws do you freeze your chicken tenders cooked or raw? my 3yr old loves chicken nuggets and I am looking to find a way to make my own that just need to be thrown in the toaster oven when she is ready for them. Thank you for sharing.

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      Svidal-when I make these myself, I batter or bread them, then bake about 3/4 done. Let cool then flash freeze.
      I’ve done the same for chicken nuggets. Just slice boneless skinless chicken breasts into strips, then chunky dice the strips.
      For both, I dredge them through seasoned flour, then through a seasoned egg wash.

      Next, dredge through either seasoned bread crumbs or panco crumbs. (i usually use panco).
      bake on a prepared sheet pan until almost done or can fry either in a skillet or deep fry.
      if frying, be careful not to crowd the fryer or skillet. they won’t cook correctly and will be greasy.

      i have just breaded chicken tenders then flash frozen, but it’s not quite as convient as cooking them all most done…less cooking time when ready to eat. 🙂

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      @MrsPaws 327827 wrote:

      Yikes..late again…
      Late or Not – I appreciate your Menus – there are days when the imagination is still stuck on a new book or painted rocks! thank you

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      Love your menu and your excellent use of leftovers!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans Mrs Paws Dinner Menu 8/18/13 – 8/24/13