Moving Town to town?

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      Hello,Do any of you live in an low-income apartments and could mor
      eof less tell me if you really do save??
      A low income apartment is available to me on the first,it is in the
      town,close to a church,school and my daughter and grandson(all in
      walking distance. I now reside in a mobile home,which is paid for.I
      do not have to move,but the people I pay lot/trash rent to will
      increase the rent/trash when They move starting in May. I pay now 70
      dollars it will go up to 76 dollars.

      I have severe allergies and
      asthma,he will also want me to mow the side yard,which will take me
      about 3 days to mow,my yard,back yeard and now side yard with a push
      mower. There will only be a 3 dollar diffrence in moving to town,by
      calulating my current bills. I pay 88 dollars in gas,to fill up a
      propane tank each month,in the apaprtments they have an utility
      allowence that goes toward the rent,they pay for the trash and
      water,I would have to pay for the other bills.I was wondering if the
      gas and electric would be cheaper being that it is central and not
      coming from a tank?

      I am not working and am trying to make it
      accordingly on my income of 709 a month.

      My son is also diabled with
      kidney damage,adhd/add with chracteristics of asd/autism spectrum
      disorder.i don’t know if they make special arrangements for this in
      low income apartments or not,but my son is non-medicated and can be
      quite loud,which makes me wonder about the rules of the apartments.
      also the managers tell me i would have to pay the deposit before i
      can get the key and see the apartments,has any one delt with any of
      this before??

      i’m in a sitation where i am stuck and don’t know what
      to do to make it.what do you all think?

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