Moving Town to town?

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      Re: Situation arizes

      I’ve lived in subsidized housing before. The main thing is price,
      but it sounds like that isn’t much of a difference for you.

      Being in town, you won’t use as much gas going back and forth.
      You’ll still have utilities, but they are -usually- lower in
      apartment buildings because you share walls (which effects heat).
      Trash is usually included, as is water, so if you pay either of
      those bills now, that’s a savings.

      Gas is a savings to and from places. Also, being in town, you might
      be within walking distance to some places.

      As for your son, they might be a bit lenient, but they do have to
      keep to the same rules with loudnes as other tennents. If your
      neighbor was blasting the radio, they’d get in trouble if people
      complain- same with the loudness coming from your son.

      For moving in, it’s normal getting a deposit before handing a key
      over, but ask them for a tour before signing a lease or placing a
      deposit. Tell them you need to make sure it’s got enough room for
      your family.

      I don’t know the cost difference between propane and central heating
      is, but again, you’ll be sharing walls, and if your trailer is older
      than 10 years old, chances are, you are losing heat through bad
      insulation, which can raise the cost. Apartments tend to be better
      kept up, plus you have maitnence covered if anything breaks down.
      Sharing walls means you have at least one side of the apartment that
      is not facing outside, so it won’t be losing as much heat, if that
      makes sense? Basically, a shared wall means a warmer home, and
      slightly lower costs.

      If you choose to remain in your trailer, would it be possible to
      hire someone to do the lawn cheaply? A relative or neighbor?

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