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      Re: Moving out of state- Any suggestions????

      Wow, that’s a long move! And with 4 little ones!

      I can’t give you much help in keeping the actual moving costs down, but
      I can give you some travel tips for keeping the trip down cheaper.

      1. Pack a cooler with milk, juice, ice, fruit, and lunch meat.
      2. Pack plastic bowls & spoons (not plasti-wear, but the durable
      plastic dishes you can find cheap at the dollar store), cereal, bread,
      and snacks.

      Get each child a few small “busy” items at the dollar store- crayons
      & coloring books, books, cars, etc. Give them out one at a time alone
      the way when the kids start complaining that they’re bored.
      4. Map out parks in the further south region where the weather will be
      much nicer, and plan to stop as often as possible for the kids to get
      out and stretch thier legs.

      Make sure they eat some fruit on the way, the higher the water
      content, the better (think watermelon, grapes, apples), because they
      count for both liquid & food content, so your child won’t get thirsty
      as often.

      You might also want to compare the price of hauling larger items down
      with the price of replacing the items at thrift stores later one. I had
      a friend who moved his girlfriend and her 2 kids from Washington state
      to Mass several years ago, and she insisted on bringing all of her
      furniture, most of which was from good will and not worth it, and half
      of the stuff she got rid of at a yard sale 2 weeks after she moved it
      there. The woman was a real peice of work to begin with, but he paid
      almost $5,000 to move her furniture from one place to the next, only to
      have her sell most of it for about $100 later.

      If the cost of moving it is going to be high, then sell it and use the
      money you made and the money you’ll save to replace it when you get
      there. The less you have to haul down, the cheaper it will be. You
      won’t need to use as much gas, either.

      The heavier the load, the more
      gas you use.

      With a move like that, you want to think minimalist. Move only what you
      absolutely have to, and sell off the rest. You’ll make money for the
      move, and for replacing what needs to be.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Moving & Relocating Moving Ohio to Florida- Any Suggestions?