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      Re: Moving out of state- Any suggestions????

      my suggestion is this…reduce, reduce, reduce!!! that is get rid of
      everything that you haven’t used or loved in the last year. have a
      yard sale, donate to a charity, or leave on the curb for someone or the
      garbage people to collect (I do suggest recycling, but when all else

      when you get rid of the items that you don’t use regularly,
      you’ll have far less to move. go room to room, closet to closet and
      start flinging items that just don’t mean ‘you’ anymore. do an
      assessment of what you really need.

      I found when I moved across the
      country that the things that I really had to have boiled down to a
      stockpot, fry pan, slow cooker, dd’s pitcher for koolaid , some
      clothes, artwork, tv and stereo, and items that dd had to have (she was
      five). everything else could be replaced. with the money made by
      selling off everything, i was able to replace what i needed.

      not brand
      new, but good quality and good enough to set up a home;-) just
      something to think about…

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