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      Re: : Moving out of state- Any suggestions????

      Ok Corey,
      I’m not American but had a similar move last fall. My fiance and I moved in
      together but because he has a really good paying job my children and I were
      the ones that relocated to where he was, one Province over. The tips I’m
      going to give are basically generic and should help almost anyone in a
      similar situation.

      We used movers. Yes movers get a bad rap for being this and that and
      ripping people off, etc. but for us they were a very good solution.

      I found
      the company online. They do moves across Canada but they are located in
      Quebec (which is where I was moving to, from Ontario)…they had an
      impressive website, strong commerical customer base and I searched online
      for good and bad and found very little. I called the company and very
      promptly the sales guy returned my call.

      We spoke at length about the move
      at least twice before I booked with them. He was sincere and the company
      has been in business over 25 years so it’s not a “fly by night” one.

      I then did the online estimation on the move with the contents of my former
      home and in looking around was surprised that they honestly were the cheaper
      solution. When I had moved locally from one city to the next ( it’s a
      Tri-City area set-up) I’d been charged almost $900.00 for a 40 minute away
      move! The estimation on a cross province move was $2K.

      I was surprised and
      that’s with the “guys” doing the labour but I packed everything in advance.
      In the end (because I’m a very good packer) and the movers were excellent,
      good attitudes and hard workers unlike the previous movers I’d had) that in
      the end the actual “paid” cost of the movers was only about $1400.00. Which
      was a savings over the projected cost of $2,000.00.

      Also since I ran into problems I did not expect get these items before you
      leave your current state:

      1. Your children’s long-form birth certificate
      2. any marriage certificate or certificate of divorce from the previous

      Financial records (hard copy)

      The reason I state your children’s long-form birth certificate is because
      this never crossed my mind. In my previous province having the short-form
      was good enough. Switching provinces…without them….made it very hard to
      enroll my children in school.

      Even though I had all my custody papers, divorce papers proving that I have
      sole legal custody they wouldn’t even look at them and only “provisionally”
      allowed my children to enroll until I came up with those documents. I now
      have my own long-form birth cert, my finace’s and both of my kids. So, now
      with both short and long form I can statisfy any governmental requests for
      more documentation.

      It never occured that I would need this as I’m a
      Canadian citizen and so are my children but this varies from Province to
      Province up here and probably does in the States as well. I’d get them put
      them in a fire-proof lock box so you’ll have them. It’s better to be safe,
      than sorry.

      Also on the packing front, be ruthless and if possible use plastic
      totes…they are reusable, stronger than cardboard and you can write clearly
      on the outside what’s in them as well as number them. I added additonal
      tape around them for stability (ie. lids popping off) but found they worked
      very well and are practical.

      Also save up for the “incidentals” things you
      don’t think off right off…cleaning products, shelf paper, bug killer,
      possible fees for hook up of utilities, cable, phone. Do your research in
      advance. Call the chamber of commerce in the city you’ll be moving to and
      ask about these things and try to set them up at your new address online
      before you get there.

      Our phone, cable, internet was hooked up 4 days after
      we moved here…the electrical was turned on for us the day previous to our
      move since I could do that online. ( I set up the dates for the other stuff
      on the phone, with the companies after searching online for them).

      Just a few ideas to keep in mind.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Moving & Relocating Moving Ohio to Florida- Any Suggestions?