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      Re: : Moving out of state- Any suggestions????

      Packing — get rid of everything you possibly can, be brutal, you’re paying a lot to move stuff so make sure you love it and absolutely need it. Pack boxes full, up to the rim, your stuff will be less likely to break and you’ll use fewer boxes that way. Use stuff you have as packing materials, sheets, blankets, towels, etc.

      Set aside all your important papers and carry those in your car. Don’t buy boxes if you can help it but do make sure you get sturdy ones. If you have good breakables buying a china box or two is probably a good investment.

      Moving — I would definitely investigate using professionals, even if it costs more it’ll save you so much in stress, time and muscle aches, especially with 4 kids.

      If you can get all your stuff reduced to less than a full load and you have some leeway on delivery days you might find a cheaper rate if they can combine loads. Don’t discount local companies either, just try to find a local consumer organization and see if they have reports on whoever you consider.


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