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      I am new to the group and this will more than likely be really long,
      but it is what is on my mind.
      I have a 2y/o and 9y/o and been married 4 years.
      We have been renting since we got together and have been trying to
      buy a home.
      There is always an issue so we never get threw with the financing.
      The last few rentals have been really bad 2 moves ago both of my kids
      were so sick that the Doctor had mentioned that we were in the office
      too many times.

      So we were lucky and moved into a better place. The
      place we moved from we tryed really hard to have it non
      condemned so no other parent would have to go threw what we had to.
      No one could find any thing wrong (sewer was leaking and water
      standing in the crawl space).
      Then we had to move again due to the place being sold it was only on
      the market 30 days and now were in another mess. Since October my
      youngest son has been sick.

      It started with a rash and sneezing and
      now is in the diarrhea stage. There has not been a fever the Doctor
      has ran ever stool test that they can. We have changed the diet (no
      hot dogs and hamburger nothing greasy and no spicy food).

      Cut the
      milk to a little bit. Well nothing has helped.
      I have shampooed the rugs washed the walls and Evey thing trying to
      fix the problem. We did find a water leak and fixed that and have
      noticed where there is evidence where other water leakes
      have been in the past so I am thinking that it is mold.

      My older
      child has been a little sick but she is normally at school so she is
      not home all day like we are. When she is home all day
      then she get sick for two weeks at a time.
      We originally thought that we were going to be buying this place and
      then found out that we could not get financed for it so we will be
      needing to move again!!! My oldest has attendanted 3 different
      school and is in the 3rd grade.

      I have became a master at moving and
      I am so tierd of moving.
      We still have not been able to buy any thing due to not being able to
      save money due to the rent and normal bills and soon the car will be
      paid off (had to replace it but for so much money that has been spent
      at least it still runs) then maybe we could save money and
      buy a place. If I work then I have to pay for child care and that
      really costs to much I have done that before but I haven’t found any
      thing that could cover the price of day care and still have
      enough money to come out a little ahead. The cheapest is colse to
      5.00 an hour and pay is only 6.50 for the average job around here.
      That is every thing from walmart to wendys.
      Some times I honestly feel like I should have joined the service for
      as many times as we have moved.
      How do people get money to pay of previous bills and have money for a
      down payment.

      Gee there are times we have to rely on the community
      for food and help. We even went almost a year with out car insurance
      we honestly did not have the money for it.
      We have honestly managed to eat on $50.00 a week for the 4 of us at
      home. We feel like were always broke and as long as the kids do not
      go to the Doctor we might have a little bit of money after we pay the
      I am so afraid of the gas prices rising again that really did hurt my
      husband has 1/2 hour commute to work one
      way and when the gas prices were high we spent more than 200.00 a
      month on travel for his job.

      Forget about moving
      closer to his job the cheapest thing I found in that town was a
      garage for 600.00 a month with no bathroom we would have
      to pay for water but still a garage.
      Any thoughts that could help I would be gratefull sorry this is so

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