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      Boy does your story remind me of my family a few years ago. My kids were also always in the doctors office I got to thinking i might as well live there. WE couldn’t afford a thing didn’t buy groceries for awhile and had stacks of bills we couldn’t pay.

      The one thing that we had to do is file bankruptcy. It wasn’t want we wanted to do since we were both raised that you take care of your debt, however we couldn’t no matter what we did. I tried to take a job and work but the extra expenses in gas and meals ate up alot of the income.

      My husband took a extra job in the evenings it helped some but he was never home which tore our family in two. After filing bankruptcy we have a easier time they make sure you can afford things. About your home i have been there we have moved eight times in the last 7 years I fill like the military as well.

      However I have a brother in law in the military and he hasn’t moved that much. The houses we could afford to live in were nothing at all nice we had mice infested,sewer overflow,rain running through lights, mold. They were all nasty.

      But that is what we could afford. Your kids and you being sick when in the home is awful a landolord shouldn’t be allowed to rent a place if it isn’t safe to live in. I know how it feels as well to not be able to buy a home we haven’t been able to as well with financial situation and bankruptcy.

      However now we a three years out and have been paying on our in chapter 13 and can now qualify for a FHA loan. my brother and his family filed chapter 7 resently and can buy a house in a year. I am not saying that I suggest this.

      I am just saying I have been where you are and this is what ended up pulling us through. Also to help with some of the cost going out check out some of the food ministries around your area if you cand get assistance maybe that will help with some of the financial burden. Also i know that living in a apartment is not appealing however I have had to do it for the last two years and it has really helped not having extra cost. I hope that all gets better and I will be thinking and praying for you.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Moving & Relocating Moving- any Ideas Welcome