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      Re: Re: : Any ideas welcome

      I have been where you are. Good idea about working at night. I shop at Aldi,
      kids need a lot of sleep.

      I use liquid Elderberry (stops respratory problems
      from growing), chewable vitamins, from Walmart. My kids are hardly ever sick
      now, but we lived in apartments that had mold. Hidden, from water leaks, the
      mold hurts their immune system, and they can’t throw off colds etc.

      as easily.
      The diarrhea, try yogurt, prefferably one with no extra sugar. Must have live
      cultures. Food lion has a key lime one my son loves.
      We prayed to God.

      Asked for a house and almost immediatly got one. We didn’t
      even have to pay closing cost, because we added it to cost of house and owner
      paid it outright for us.
      Good luck!.

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