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      Re: Any ideas welcome

      Why don’t you work around your dh’s schedule. when i was first married
      my dh and i both worked at fast-food restaurants. we worked opposite
      shifts so we did not have to pay daycare.

      lots of fast food
      places/stores offer flexible sheduling to accomodate parents. you
      could work in the evening when your dh is home/ even working 7-11 pm
      would make you $130/week if you worked 5 evenings. You could work 2 8
      hour shifts on the weekend and that would be $104 week.
      Another way we saved when we were first married was to live in
      apartments only when we were renting.

      Renting a house is much more
      expensive. We never lived in a house until we bought our own. Most
      apartments have parks or play areas close by that you can take your
      kids to for outside time.

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