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      Do you guys qualify for any state assistance? I know in wisconsin
      for a family of 4 you would get free health insurance with no co-
      pays or discounted if you make slightly too much and $600 a month
      for food. If your income is really low they also give you rental
      assistance and childcare assistance.

      The subsidize most of your
      child care for you so you can come out ahead. They also have energy
      assistance during the winter months. Also, have you checked out the

      do a google search for hud housing. they help people buy
      homes, you’d have to pick homes from their site (i believe, it has
      to qualify) and they give you special financing for it and i believe
      you can use rental assistance checks to help pay for your mortgage.
      really try to reach out and see what your state offers as most of it
      is the same, but it varies. wic also helps and you can make more
      money than these other programs and still qualify for it.

      little bit helps and don’t be afraid to ask for help until you guys
      can get back on your feet and are more settled.

      i agree with the previous poster about the mold. we lived in a
      crappy place downtown 3 1/2 years ago and my son was 11 months old
      when we moved there. A few weeks after we moved my son had wheezing
      in his left long and he had it the whole time we moved there.

      usually only wheezed when he had a cold, but it was constant then
      and he was on asthma medication and they started testing him for
      asthma and then we moved to a suburb that had newer buildings and it
      disappeared a week after we moved! I believe it was the mold. Our
      last apartment was horrible.

      He’s had no problems since living
      there. Good luck!


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Moving & Relocating Moving- any Ideas Welcome