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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Mother’s Day ideas on a budget

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      It?s that time of the year when we want to show our Mom?s how much we love them all year and especially today. I don?t like to buy into the expensive flowers, and I have children that I am around that need some inexpensive ideas of what they can do for their mom?s for mothers day ages ranging from 2 up to 15.

      Melissa in OK

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      :039:Hi! I’m new here but here is an idea. I did this 2 yrs ago & my parents are still talking about it…

      For my parents anniversary I went to the $ store & got a picture frame, probably 15″ x 18″ & 2 handles. My Mom & Dad first met in grade school, lost touch, & caught back up many years later. I found pictures of each of them in second grade, a picture of them together when they first got together, a picture of the church they were married in, pictures of them together at different times in their relationship befor they got married, &- of course- their wedding photo.I got out my scrapbooking supplies & found mock wedding rings, little cardboard champagne flutes, & heart confetti.

      After I arranged everything in the frame with glue dots I wrote in calligraphy ” from 1993 – the twelfth of never… ” ( which is their song) at the bottom of the frame front. ( He is my stepfather – but I believe God intended him to be my Daddy – they were married in 1993) I glued the handles on the sides (like a breakfast tray) & put red felt with white hearts on the back.

      (red & white were their wedding colors) they love it ! & it took more thought than money. :001:

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      Probably not appropriate for younger kids, but after the holiday I scour the clearance racks and grab a few things for next year. I grabbed some metal signs last year that say mother in cursive that I will paint add some little decorative things and such. I also picked up some fancy wrapping paper kits in a floral theme.

      My gift this year will be under $10 for both of them. With our moms being so far away they always have to be gifts we can ship or get shipped.

      I can’t wait to see what I get this year.

      Some past gifts that were not clearance rack crafty gifts were plates of our birth years (DH and mine) and given to each mom. They were hard to find since they are over 20 years old. Ornaments to display that were hand painted with hanging rack, painted picture frames, rings, etc.

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      Specially I prefer to give her some handmade gifts which are made by Crafts Artifacts. I have made one dimensional fabric flower card. This lovely handmade greeting cards are perfect for my Mom.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Mother’s Day ideas on a budget