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      For me, personally, the benefit of NetWinner has been that I am a stay

      at home mom, and DO have the time to play intermitently through out the


      Since last fall when I joined, I’ve earned just about $400 in gift

      cards there. While that may not seem like a lot of money to anyone who

      works, it helped out A lot for christmas last year and subsequent


      it’s not a great system, no. it’s not the easiest way to earn money, of

      course. and yes, it is time consuming.

      but if you are one of the many sahm’s, or someone who can’t work due to

      disability, or what not, it can give you a bit of extra

      spending “money”, even if it’s just to cover a few packs of diapers, or

      a much needed new pair of shoes.

      i realize that most people don’t have the luck i have, and i’ll

      acknowledge that most of my luck is in that i have referrals who play.

      i earn a bonus based on what they earn, so that’s been extremely


      all in all, though, from january 1st until today, I’ve earned $1110.30

      doing things like Netwinner, Treasure Trooper, Gather, and more. That’s

      an average of $138 a month if you count August. My highest earning

      month was around $240, and my lowest earning month was $73.87 (which

      I’ve already passed this month).

      If you don’t like the game style places, or places you have to fill out

      surveys, then I highly recommend

      you don’t do anything different than what you do here- you post things

      you want to talk about, comment on other conversations already going,

      and you earn points. when you build enough up, you can cash them out

      for gift cards to places like borders books, and home depot.

      they also have a cash option if you earn at least $50 worth of points

      (roughly 3,000) in a calendar month.

      But, as you don’t have time (or the paitence) to do the other sites,

      Gather would probably work best for you. It’s a great community, where

      people get to know one another, and can pretty much post -anything-

      they want, unless it’s copyright protected. You can join “groups”,

      make “friends”, post pictures, and more.

      So far, I’ve earned $210 in typical cards ($50 to Barnes & Noble, $125

      to Home Depot, and $35 to Borders- I choose which place I want to cash

      in for), plus a $20 promotional gift card to Borders for inviting 5

      people, and a $20 promotional gift card to Borders for participating in

      a “Family Photo” contest. I’m also half way to another $10 gift card,

      which would put me at having earned $260 in gift cards from them since

      last November.

      If you want to see some of the things I do there that earn points, you

      can look at my page:

      Anyway, Gather is a GREAT site that I recommend to anyone who likes the

      social aspect of the yahoo groups- in fact, Budget101 could make a

      group to post to there, and earn gift cards for doing it- if they were

      so inclined.

      — In, “maria_sharples”



      > I’ve seen these sites posted & was wondering what are the benefits?


      > did join both but haven’t seen antyhing worthwile. One I would have


      > play all day picking numbers & the other I keep loosing the money


      > earned, it seems nearly impossible to win. Besides I don’t have the

      > time to spend on the computer & won’t encourage my children to do it

      > either. If there are some great benefits, I’ll sacrifice the time.

      > Thanks,

      > Maria

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