Monster Zucchini

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      Here’s the zucchini recipe I mentioned. I don’t use any meat in it. It is yummy!


      Recipe via Meal-Master ™ v8.05

      Title: Monster Zucchini

      Categories: Casserole, Favorites

      Yield: 20 Servings

      I was once given (as a joke) a MONSTROUS zucchini from a friend’s garden.

      It had been overlooked when they were picking and it’s size combined with

      it’s funny shape was a source of amusement. So they gave it to me to see

      what I could do with it.

      I was able to make it lie steady and flat on one side. I sliced off

      (lengthwise) about 1/3 of the top. I cleaned out as much as I could of the

      “lid” but still left it so it would make a good cover. Then I cleaned out

      the inside of the zucchini so I could cut it up in @ 1″ (or smaller)

      chunks–same with the contents of the lid. I rubbed olive oil on the inside

      of the squash.

      I then made a stuffing with ground lamb, oregano, basil, marjarom, mint

      leaves, salt, pepper, lemon juice, onion (fine diced) and garlic. All of

      this was sauteed together and then I added the zucchini to it and some

      tomato concasse When it was all cooked and well blended, and checked for

      seasonings–I added some of my homemade herbed croutons and stirred that

      into the mix with just enough chix broth so the stuffing was moist but

      still had a fluffy body.

      I the lid on the zucchini after stuffing it with this mix and wrapped it

      in heavy duty aluminum foil. I put it on the gas grill and cooked it for

      about 20 minutes if I recall correctly–the other foods were ready and we

      all had quite a feast. That dang zucchini was scrumptious–it wasn’t woody

      or overly ripe and it served a whole lot of people. It cooked beautifully

      and the seasonings made the whole thing a cookout hit. the thing was just

      about as long as the grill, but was a little curved on one end or it might

      not have fit. it was comical to look at–but it disappeared fast at that friends always saved the big ones for me!!

      i don’t have exact measurements, because a lot of my cooking goes by what

      looks, smells, feels and tastes right– especially when concocting

      something for a giant of a zucchini. the joke turned out to be a fun

      meal. lou

      lou duncan (wxnn73A)

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