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      Money Umbrella

      For that hard to buy for teenager, or for anyone you give money to
      as a gift, this is a cute idea.

      Materials Needed:
      • Umbrella (one with a regular handle that does not collapse)
      • String
      • Yarn
      • Ribbon or fishing line
      • Money
      1. Fold money (separately) fan style back and forth
      2. Tie a string around the middle of the folded bill and tie the other end to the inside wire of the umbrella.
      3. Keep doing that until you have money hanging from all the wires.
      4. Close umbrella and make sure none of the bills are showing. If they are, adjust the length of the string or ribbon.

      When the recipient receives this gift, they will think “what kind of a gift is an umbrella,” but wait until they open it. You could even hang a card inside saying “Save it for a rainy day.”

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      This is a really good idea!!! 🙂 One time for my sister’s birthday I saved up $50 to give to her as a special treat. I got a basket & put a few little things in it (a frame, some shower gel, etc). Then, instead of paper, I crumpled up $1 bills and used that to fill the basket. She was THRILLED!!! 🙂

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      This is a great idea!! My daughter mentioned something about moving and getting a room mate in the new year and this would be a great gift to get her started too!!

      Thanks !!!

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      “Save it for a rainy day.” – I think my brother wouldlike this. Just have to find the perfect umbrella

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