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      We learned the hard way to go through the credit union for ours. If

      it gets lost in the mail, the bank can check to see if it’s been

      cashed, and will cancel it for free and make out a new one for us.

      The $.59 Western Union ones won’t cancel unless they haven’t been

      paid out in 90 days, and you have to forfeit a % or dollar amount

      off the money order to cancel it. That can be a real pain in the


      Our credit union charges $2 each, but it’s worth it to know that if

      something DOES happen, we’re covered by them. I know some banks can

      be more expensive. I have an account in my own name at 5th/3rd Bank,

      and they charge $5 for the money orders. I declined to get it there,

      and withdrew the money needed and got them at the credit union we

      bank at instead.

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      > When we are really strapped for cash, which is almost always, LOL,

      I buy

      > money orders too! It is worth the 59 cents each to know they

      aren’t going to

      > bounce.




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