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      By Shirley

      Thought I would start this discussion because of the posts I've read (not
      just here, but in other groups) about not having any money for the

      Here are the "events" that I have to purchase cards and/or gifts for:
      January - Dad's birthday (present)
                     sister's birthday (card only)
                     anniversary for uncle/aunt (card only)
      February - Valentine's day
      March - my birthday
                   niece's birthday (card only)
      April - nephew's birthday (card only)
                 sister-in-law's birthday (card only)
      May - parent's anniversary
                Mom's birthday (present)
                Mother's day (present)
                nephew's birthday (card only)
                our anniversary (weekend get-away)
      June - Father's day (present)
      July - daughter's birthday (present)
                brother-in-law's birthday (card only)
                sister's birthday (card only)
                further brother-in-law's birthday (card only)
                uncle's birthday (card only)
      September - son's birthday (present)
      October - sister-in-law's anniversary (card only)
      birthday (card only)
                      sister's anniversary (card only)
      November - great aunt's birthday (card only)
                         niece's birthday (card only)
      December - husband's birthday (present)

      That's why I shop year round and take advantage of sales, etc. Not only
      do I have my Christmas shopping done for this year, I've got my birthday
      presents purchased for the beginning of next year.

      With some planning and organization you can spread out these "expenses"
      to fit into your budget.

      Not patting myself on the back. Just trying to explain that I can be done
      and is such a blessing to not have that "it's Christmas and we have no

      What does your list look like?

      How can you organize and budget to purchase items in advance?

                           God Bless You,

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