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      I have found a good way of saving money for the holidays here in New Zealand we have a hamper club called Chriscos and during the year they deduct a set amount each week out of your bank account for 40 weeks or 52 weeks and you get sent a hamper of food or what ever you want out of their catalogue this year it has cost me $45.00 per week for 40 weeks and I have got everything for xmas plus presents and enough money vouchers to buy for everyone in our family of 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren I would highly recommend this in your country if you have a system. It sure takes the hasstle out of buying at the last minute as I hate the crowds around xmas time the hampers are delievered to our door half way through December. The company has just started in Australia and Canada. Ihave been doing this for the last 5 years.

      Kate Morrison

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