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      Hi all,

      There are two reasons for my writing this morning when I should be in
      bed. I think I’m frustrated at my continuing requests on two things
      being ignored; but in all fairness, the list membership continues to
      boom, and not everyone has seen these requests before. As a result,
      I think maybe I’ll simultaneously ask Liss to consider including this
      post as advice to new members as well.

      First, when you’re requesting private email from another subscriber,
      please put in your address, as many of you have been doing, but
      **change the @ sign to at.** if you leave in the address with the @
      sign, the person reading your message will not be able to honor your
      request because yahoo obliterates the email address in the body of
      the message. yahoo is programmed to see that @ sign and remove
      everything after that. so if you really really want the information
      you’re requesting, or you have something to offer others and have
      given your email, take time to notice how to put your email in and
      have it show.

      the other thing…i feel like a cd with a scratch on it because i’m
      repeating myself and it’s getting old. please, please *please* hear
      me! from my end, and i’m sure from the end of the other moderators
      as well, at times, our being forced to scroll to the bottom of a
      message and hit “edit” so we can delete a whole mess of unnecessary
      garbage (not implying here that any messages themselves are garbage
      but all the stuff that’s not needed can be) frequently makes me want
      to scream!

      liss, our list mom, recently told me she was so
      frustrated in the beginning when people were leaving in whole digests
      or the same stuff, she began to just hit the delete button because no
      one was listening. i suppose that’s an option for each moderator as
      well, but i think the other moderators are trying to make this a
      pleasant experience for everyone, and an experience in which each
      person can feel as if s/he is being read. but here’s the problem.
      the moderators are trying *so* hard to make it a pleasant list for
      each of you, and a very simple request from us appears to be getting

      i’m going to put in caps here the message i’ve been posting
      on each message where this has been occurring: [moderator’s note:
      please snip your messages, thank you! if you don’t know what you’re
      doing wrong or how to correct the problem, please ask.] the message
      may not be precisely in those words, but it will start
      with “moderator’s note,” and you really need to read it. if you see
      your own message you’ve posted, and this note, not in caps, is at the
      top, guaranteed, you’re being asked to be a bit more observant.
      you’re being asked to do this so we don’t have to, and if you don’t,
      we may start feeling so frustrated that we take notice of what liss
      used to do…and hit that simple “delete” button.

      geez, that sounds like a threat, and it’s not intended to. i’m just
      so frustrated that i’m feeling ignored by those of you who are
      continuing to send in messages with all this stuff that should have
      been deleted before you hit the “send” button.

      the moderators of budget101_ also have a right to enjoy this list
      rather than feeling like we’re hard- or heavy-handed police. Help us
      to do that, won’t you?

      Okay. And finally, on a personal note, I did, as I recently
      mentioned, send Liss my last column, but I have to send it to her
      again. This one’s a little bit different.

      Look for Penne Rigate
      with Tuna Sauce, a great exploration for a dinner you could serve
      company! Mind you, that was really created in the same Young family
      kitchen where I made Chicken with Lemon Sauce on Saturday night and a
      lasagna on Tuesday that could have served, 1 square each, 16 people–
      and was gone, save for one piece, three hours later! lol

      I’ve babbled enough, and I pray you were patient and read this
      through. Thanks so much for listening.

      Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List MODERATOR MESSAGE – PLEASE READ