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      yes every ones list is different here are a few things i seem to

      allways have on hand. suger, flour, bakeing soda, bakeing powder, hot

      sause, ketchup, veggies both fresh and canned and frozen, fruit both

      fresh, frozen, canned. varity of herbs and spices. nonthing speical at

      all just what i have in mine.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Jennifer Armstrong”



      > I am a newbie mother of a 3yo and wife to a great dh. I am trying to

      > save money any way possible. So I have a couple of questions:


      > 1. Does making your own mixes really save a lot of money?


      > 2. What are the staples in your pantry? I know everyone is


      > but I am just trying to get some ideas to make sure I am properly

      > stocked.


      > Thanks,


      > Jenn

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