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      How do you make cake mixes and cookie mixes. This is a new thing for me to see. I did read about making regular cookie dough and freezing it in a roll or in pieces to take out and bake later but I never saw anything about cake mixes or cookie mixes.

      I would love to know the recipes for these. Other then that your pantry sounds like what I have but I also stock on pasta too. I am trying to stock up while the electric is low yet and get lots of stuff to eat through the Winter months.

      We have a pretty full freezer with venison, chicken that I purchase when on sale, pork we got from my brother in law ( 1/2 a pig) and frozen vegies. My husband hopes to get more deer this year to put more in the freezer. Venison is our beef and we are getting low on that.

      Our first year here and obviously lousy soil as nothing grew but the zuchini and some squash. They are coming in now. I hope to do better next year by trying to square foot garden if I have to and bring in mushroom soil or something.

      For this year its frozen for the Winter.


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      >What are the staples in your pantry?<

      Seasoning Mixes- my own blends
      8-10 Cake Mixes- my own blends
      8-10 Cookie Mixes- my own blends

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