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      You know those juices you can buy in the grocery store orange/pineapple/apple (etc.) (that are really expensvie). Has anyone ever made them at home?

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      I’m not sure how you would make them at home, I have squeezed oranges for fresh OJ when we brought a bunch back from Fla. and I always save the pineapple juice when I drain canned pineapple. Have you compared the price of the frozen concentrate to the already mixed?

      They are usually cheaper.

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      Well, that’s what I was wondering if anyone had ever mixed the froz. concentrates successfully. This week, I did mix grape juice and oj just a little bit in my glass (1/2 and 1/2) and it did turn out great.

      I think I will just keep doing that.

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      I have used Wal -mart’s brand of sugar -free powdered mixes that are compable to crystal light my kid enjoy the apple ,grape and cherry . They are cheap 1.88 for 6 -each make a 2 quart size . Bobbi -NE

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