Stuff I’d Like to See General Missingmoney!

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      I’ve had success finding money for everyone but myself at missingmoney.com
      I found close to $2000.00 for 2 different friends and several smaller amounts for $50-$75 for many friends. This $$ is deposits not returned to you, insurance checks that should have been returned to you, escrow accounts if you sold a house and moved. People don’t even realize they are owed money.

      Be sure to check out “related links” at this site. The housing and urban development (HUD) site has several people who bought homes 15-20 years ago that have people who are owed up to $3000.00. It’s all free to look and free to collect.

      You will have to have your paperwork notarized if you find money owed to you and your bank will normally do that at no charge. Be careful it can be addicting putting in all your friends and relatives names! It’s updated on a regular basis so check back 3 or 4 times a year.

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      Thank You, I am going to check this out. It would be nice, but chances are I did not forget about anything. I will also add the site to my annual review (credit report, …..).

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Missingmoney!