Mint Julep

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      Ahhh…the cooling drink of the south (and I’m not talking about sweet tea! LOL!)…
      Mint Julep
      20 fresh mint leaves
      2 oz gin
      1/4 oz raw sugar syrup or brown sugar syrup
      1/4 oz. bourbon
      3 to 4 small sprigs fresh mint for garnish
      1 lemon twist
      Add mint leaves, gin, sugar syrup and bourbon to a highball glass or silver Derby cup. Stir, gently bruising but not crushing mint leaves.
      Add crushed ice to fill cup. Tap to settle as ice melts, adding more ice on top to form shallow dome. Insert mint sprigs into crushed ice to form bouquet. Coil lemon twist over top of drink. Gently pull taut to release oils. Curl and drape over mint sprigs. Serve with small straw. 1 serving
      weighlift  smilie

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