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      Hello, My husband is in the military also.He has been in for 16 years and I have
      been with him for 13 of those years. I don’t know what you have sent but the
      first thing my husband asks for is powdered Gatorade or any powdered drink(He
      can mix it in his canteen) and peanuts with the shells. Beef Jerky is also a
      favorite. Homemade baked goods packed with care. Another factor I would
      consider is his mobility and ability or inability to store items. What does he
      say he needs? Whenever I send something new, I always figure someone will like
      it and he can use it to barter with. Maybe some of the shelf life dips and
      chips. Hometown newspapers were always well recieved. Of course pictures of
      you and his family. Small packages of Wet wipes, toilet paper, someting wet to
      wipe his tush. I can think of more if you give me some more info. I loved
      sending him things that he did not expect so I thought alot about my items.
      E-mail me off list if you want.
      Cindy currently at Fort Rucker, AL

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      Hello .. I am new here. My Name is Yvonne and I am a military
      spouse. I am looking for a lot of ideas I could send in a package to
      my husband. He’s been gone for over 6 month now and I am running out
      of ideas. Anything would help


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