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      I guess it started at the “meet the teacher confrence”I was expecting

      a speech as to what all we would be looking forward to for my son in

      the up comming year as well as the infamous manilla envelope with the

      hand book as well as all the information forms we need to fill out as

      well as the lunch information(as we do each year. Well,the class

      wasn’t prepared and there was no speech or papers,we waited around

      and then left wonderin why we had to come in the first place.On my

      sons schedule he is supposed to have “activites” such as

      art,music,and health 4th period switching out over a 9 week period. I

      was assuming this was a “given” meaning I was always told that even

      though my son is in a structured learning class that he would

      be “getting out ” to go into reg.classes during the day.Well,the 2nd

      day of school my son told me that he stayed in the “SLC” all day

      except for recess and lunch. I aske dhim how come he didn’t go to Art

      class,and he said that he wasn’t supposed to go.So that morning I

      found out that on his behavior report cart(they use a 1-5 point

      system,1 behaving excellently and 5 meaning very poorly)My son

      brought home 3 checks in the 3 range,guessing in th emiddle,and it

      was then explained to me that he needed to get all 1’s in order to go

      to the “activites” planned! This is insane! I have never heard of

      using “classes” as a reward or a modivator to behave! I think its

      wrong,because most kids won’t care either way if they have those

      classes or not,as in the case with my son. I still haven’t recieved

      any paper work to fill out and really feel like I don’t know whats

      going on at all there.The teacher is new to the school but she has a

      wonderful reputation as a behavior specialist. I was told he would

      get to get out of the class to what seems like only if he gets the

      1’s on his behavor list,so now I’m wonderin what happens if he does

      get all 1’s one day and the next not?Are they just going to “give and

      take away” as they seem fit? Has anyone hear of this? I can’t seem to

      find anyone that will work with me and all the people I spoke to

      are”selling the teacher and the class room he is in”which is all

      good,but thats not what I’m interrested in the moment. Also being

      that my son is a sn child and tends to get bullied,they have been

      letting him go off alone at the end of the day,to get on the bus and

      such? the first day he got off at the wrong stop and walked home the

      rest of the way! i mean they have no one watching these kids at the

      end of the day and i asked my son what happens if someone bothers

      you? he told me i guess i have to handle it myself. ok,i just think

      some safety should be out there with that many kids.what do you all

      think? it seems each day i am finding that this school is just more

      unorganized then ever,and i can’t home school him. i am just so

      dissappointed in the whole system at this point! no wonder so many sn

      kids slip through the cracks because of the way they are treated!its

      a shame!

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