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      My husband started a new job this year and the people he works with let him

      know, in a nice way, that they exchange gifts. They also do a company

      Christmas party. His previous company didn’t do anything like that so it is new

      to us

      both. They drew names and we got two five year old girls. I am kind of

      excited about what I found, yet wondering if it was the right kind of gift to

      give? I was at Michael’s looking around and found two mini photo albums


      together for $5.00. I bought three of these in different colors (he works

      with three woman) and I bought two craft bead sets (appropriate for children

      ages five and up) for $7.99 (half price). I believe I got some good deals, and

      the gifts are impersonal so I believe I did good. I noticed they also have

      some really pretty tin cans at reasonable prices so I though about also giving

      the ladies some Christmas candy in those. What do you think, would that be to

      much or not enough and are the ladies gifts to impersonal?

      God Bless


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