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      -thank you for your replies!!! last count of mice gone from the

      house is 45 ! i am only seeing 1 right now but i know there are

      a few more. i am going to get the shakeaway for the room down

      stairs. this is a very old house and i just cleaned a nasty

      closet out!! gross and now it is cleaner now. in the next week

      i am starting in the basement and i have 2 holes by a window and

      that is where they are coming in from outside. i am putting steel

      wool in the cracks and holes. i will finsh steel wooling later

      this weekend. in next week i am going to go in the one room and

      throw out what i think needs to be out. and i will work in the

      basement and sweep later on. my daughters father was really

      sick with cancer in the last yr. he is getting better but i think

      in a few yrs he will not be around. i am 48 and he just

      turned he is talking about making his will out and make me

      benficery to his will and leave me this house . we are going to

      work on the house later this summer and get the basement fully

      finshed family room and get the kitchen floor redone and get

      the kitchen walls done.so i want all the mice out of here. one

      closet has to be dry walled in the kitchen. we got alot of work

      ahead of


      I am going to also use the instant potatoes

      powder in lids so the mice can get away!!! thank you again.


      — In

      Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “samanthajosmom_12”



      > my daughters father house – i have gotten rid of 32 mice in the


      > 8 days. i keep finding little mice. how do you keep them out


      > your homes or when you get them what do you do.


      > i am on friday ,i am going to get a block of posion and drop

      down a

      > wall where i know they are coming up .


      > though i do not want his doggy to get a hold of a mouse. that is


      > reason i have been setting traps to get the out of the house.


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