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      32 mice caught in 8 days is an infestation that is seriously out of

      control. The problem is that the mice are breeding- fast. Even if you

      catch them, there are likely nests all around in the walls.

      One thing you need to seriously keep in mind is that mice are

      unsanitary. They track stuff all over the house with their little feet,

      and poop everywhere. You’ll find it in places you thought it was

      impossible for them to reach. Including in food storage cupboards.


      Here is a question I found on a website about mice:

      Q-7. I heard mice carry diseases. is that true?

      back to faq list

      a. mice’s reputation as dirty animals is 100 percent accurate. House

      mice, deer mice and white-footed mice are primary carriers of

      leptospirosis, salmonella, ratbite fever, ricketsiallpox, lymphocytic

      choriomeningitis, tapeworms, ringworms and hantavirus.

      Humans become infected with leptospirosis when they come into contact

      with water, food or soil containing urine from an infected mouse. If a

      mouse has been scurrying around in your food or water, leptospirosis

      can be easily transmitted once you consume that food and water. The

      disease starts out with flu-like symptoms which can develop into liver

      failure or meningitis.

      Mice carry the bacteria salmonella. People who pick up salmonella

      bacteria can become seriously ill with diarrhea, vomiting, fever and

      chills. Salmonella can also affect the blood. Mouse salmonella can be

      spread through mouse droppings.

      Humans may contract ratbite fever from a mouse bite, hence, the

      disease’s name. But humans can also get ratbite fever by coming into

      contact with mouse urine and nose, mouth and eye secretions of a sick

      mouse. Rash, flu-like symptoms and heart illnesses can all be symptoms

      of ratbite fever.

      Ricketsiallpox is characterized by a rash at the site of a mite bite.

      Mice carry around a colorless mite, which then can be transferred to

      humans and bite them. After the rash appears, humans can also get

      fever, chills and headaches.

      Lymphocytic choriomeningitis is a virus that can infect humans when

      they come into contact with mouse droppings and urine. It can lead to

      inflammation of the brain and is particularly dangerous to pregnant

      women, in whom it can cause abortion and retardation of the fetus.

      Tapeworms and ringworms are parasites of the digestive system that live

      in human intestines.

      Hantavirus is a deadly disease transmitted through mouse excretions.

      Humans can get it by breathing in the airborne virus. Hantavirus can

      cause fever, muscle aches, cough and respiratory failure and,

      potentially, death.


      Your daughter’s father really needs to get ahold of an exterminator to

      get rid of as many as possible as quickly as possible. You won’t be

      able to get to all the area’s the mice are located, and they WILL keep

      breeding, and making more mice.

      With a child in the home, an exterminator isn’t a luxury, it’s a


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “samanthajosmom_12”



      > my daughters father house – i have gotten rid of 32 mice in the


      > 8 days. i keep finding little mice. how do you keep them out of

      > your homes or when you get them what do you do.


      > i am on friday ,i am going to get a block of posion and drop down a

      > wall where i know they are coming up .


      > though i do not want his doggy to get a hold of a mouse. that is


      > reason i have been setting traps to get the out of the house. sue

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