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      > my daughters father house – i have gotten rid of 32 mice in the


      > 8 days. i keep finding little mice. how do you keep them out of

      > your homes or when you get them what do you do.


      > i am on friday ,i am going to get a block of posion and drop down


      > wall where i know they are coming up .


      > though i do not want his doggy to get a hold of a mouse. that is


      > reason i have been setting traps to get the out of the house. sue


      We had horrible rat and mouse problems after a neighbor moved up and

      brought a few chickens..the feed drew them I guess and then they

      discovered our place. We couldn’t seem to catch them in traps, and


      neighbor had so many that he poisoned them..a big rat got in our

      cellar, crawled up in the wall and died..What a stink!!!. I googled


      rat control and found something called Shakeaway..it worked great for

      us…I bought it last Sept and sprinkled it around the house..put 2

      dishes in the cellar and 2 in the attic and we have not had 1 mouse


      rat so far this year. ..Think Ace Hardware carries or can order it


      I bought it online. Not poison and our cats ignore it and hang around

      the patio and porches where th rats got in.


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