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      Sunday — broiled flank steak (reserve leftovers for Tuesday), hot potato salad*, and green beans
      Monday — veggie burgers (frozen) and veggie hot dogs on buns with fixings, corn on the cob with herb butter*, and coleslaw
      Tuesday — French dip sandwiches (using leftovers from Sunday)* and tossed green salad
      Wednesday — Manhattan scallop chowder*, oyster crackers, romaine-radish salad
      Thursday — baked Kielbasa sausage & onions, baked sliced polenta (tube), and white bean, tomato and arugula salad*
      Friday — bistro burgers*, french fries (frozen), and tossed green salad
      Saturday — roast citrus-herb chicken*, baked sweet potatoes, and spinach

      *Recipes in Recipes — General Forum

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