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      It is my menu plan for the month and it serves about 4 people (3 during the week + 2 more on weekends). Sometimes I repeat things but change the main ingredient. for instance, we have spaghetti with meat but one day I have chicken with mushrooms and cream, other day I’ll have pork.

      Week 1
      1 spaghetti with meat
      2 boiled potatoes and vegetables with fish
      3 scrambled eggs with rice and carrots
      4 noodles with soy and vegetables
      5 mais porridge
      6 L- Rice with beans and meat D – French fries with fried eggs
      7 L – rice with lentils and soy D -Soup

      Week 2
      1 Spaghetti à la Tuna Bolognese
      2 rice with grilled porkchops
      3 cuscus with vegetables
      4 potatoe salad with hard boiled eggs
      5 Grandma’s cat soup (it is not a soup)
      6 L- Fish rice D- Pizza
      7 L- Pasta with meat

      Week 3
      1 Soy stew
      2 poached eggs with peas and white rice
      3 meat spaghetti
      4 mashed potatoes with meat
      5 porridge
      6 L- Omellete with Pasta D- French fries with grilled hamburgers
      7 L- Stewed beans and soy with rice D- Soup

      Week 4
      1 fish noodles
      2 chickpeas, potatoes, vegetable and eggs
      3 chicken curry rice
      4 vegetarian Bolognese
      5 cornstarch porridge
      6 L-lentils, eggs and noodles D- rice with grilled sausages
      7 L- fishsticks and fries D- Soup

      At lunch during the week it’s just me and my husband and we usually eat soup and fruit plus a sandwich if we’re hungry. And on weekends we tend to cook things kids like. Special desserts only on Sunday!

      If you are looking at my Fridays we usually have a light dinner. I also don’t eat meat on Fridays so it was easier to do it like this.

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      What is Grandma’s Cat Soup?

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      @wilbe95 87113 wrote:

      What is Grandma’s Cat Soup?

      I was curious myself. 🙂

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      One recipe that I have never seen.. Sounds scaryyyy.. Help us figure this one out!!!!!
      Grandma’s Cat Soup

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      OK. sorry for the late reply.

      This has to do with though poverty times in Portugal. My grandma always did this to me and I loved it just like her grandma did to her. It is not scary but really frugal and good.

      It used to be almost stale bread with goat’s milk (my great great grandma had a couple of them) and some sugar- warm. please notice this goes back to the 30’s XX century. Hard times by the fireplace – they had no cooker.

      So this was a cozy meal.

      nowadays I make it with bread, warm milk and some chocolate powder and it is still cozy, on friday everyone is just dead beat. See, not scary at all. I guess this must be what lucky cats ate, not eaten with 😉

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      Sounds good. Thank you for explaining, nothing like grandma to come up with some great ideas and unique names 🙂

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      You are sooooo organized! I do meal planning but one week at a time! I am impressed wtg sista!

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      Thank-You for explaining..Durning the depression times here my Mother had “sugar bread milk” here. This was something they had usually in the evening, so they wouldn’t go to bed hungry. The name is interesting, had me thinking..

      Good to learn new things.

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      Good Job!! I am on the last week of my 2nd 5 week meal plan, and I don’t want to do it any other way. I know just what I need for the week, and I pull everything out of the freezer and there are no excuses!!

      we have been eating in 6 days a week for 9 weeks now. once a week we go out as a family. i find i am a little disappointed that i am not cooking.


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      I do a 4 week menu also. I go shopping 90 miles away at Ft Leavenworth and hit Sam’s also so once a month is it for shopping–I freeze milk and make my own bread. We got a 4’x4′ garden in the basement so we have salad greens all year long.

      Wk # 1:
      Salmon Croquettes
      Chicken Risitito
      Vegetable Fried rice
      Enchilada Pie
      Broccoli Soup
      Tacos, Refried beans, Mexican rice

      Wk# 2
      Fish ( kids go fishing for our dinner)
      Chicken rice soup
      Vegetable Soup
      Chicken Fajitas
      Chili from left over beans
      7 can Taco soup

      Wk #3
      Mac & Cheese
      Weinie Roast and smore night
      9 bean soup
      Curried Rice
      chicken Pot pie
      Home made pizza
      Ham & Beans

      Wk #4
      Turkey Soup
      Spaghetti & Meatballs
      Fried Chicken
      Vegetable Fried rice
      Spaghetti & Meatballs

      Pretty bare bones this month due to so many extra expenses. We flesh it out with what ever we have on hand. Always have fresh bread each day.

      Now that we are canning most of our stuff we’ll start refilling the freezer with bread products. figured out how to make cinnamon rolls up and freeze them and then just thaw and bake what we need. Do the same with cookies,ect.

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      brchbell, you’ll have to post about your basement garden. Sounds interesting. I’ve read a little about them, but never have done one…

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      humm interesting idea posting to the list, usually I label a notebook page (on comp) with 10 menu (meaning oct menus) with any recipes so i have it one place .. i am in the sorting this weeks so will post here too .. so far i have

      ria’s menu’s
      10-27 chicken pesto w/pasta (*spice up pesto, use cut up chicken) (*save left overs for pizza)

      10-28 (tues) mongolian beef

      10-30 (wed) cp chili & cheese corn muffins (*jake working)

      10-31 (thurs) scalloped potato & ham w/green beans (with ranch seasoning) (*prechop ham for quiche, make & freeze ham broccoli quiche for vacation)
      overnight french toast casserole double batch (*precook & freeze at home for vacation)

      11-1 (fri) at camp salmon patties w/carrot ginger coleslaw (*since you have to grind up carrots make extra for carrot muffins – freeze for later)

      11-2 (sat) at camp chicken risotto

      11-3 (sun) at camp something cp ?? are we coming home? ?pack out for home

      11-4 (mon) something cp

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      Yes, I would love to grow my own veggies on a patio garden. Unfortunately, I seem to kill any plants that I have. 🙁

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      JoAnn, I first heard of this from the Square foot gardener Mel Bartholomew so used some of his thoughts and my own ideas. I used 2 X6 untreated lumber because that’s what I had left over from my house construction. Mel said to use good saw horses to put it on but I use 8x8x16″ center blocks to make my 4′ x 16′ garden beds so I used center block to put this 4′ bed on.

      You cut the boards to 4′ lengths and make your square bed then line the bottom with plywood. We set in on our center block support and line it with clear plastic. then add soil mix of equal parts peat moss, compost and rice hulls or Perlite or vermiculite.

      We used 6- 40 lb. bags of compost and 1- 2.2 cubic foot bale of peat moss and 9 ice cream buckets of rice hulls to fill our basement bed. I use rice hulls that we get once a year from Struggart Ark.

      For our farm. Because we go ourselves and truck them up we get 4 cubic foot bags for $4 each instead of $16 plus freight. You can’t grow thngs like tomatoes of cukes but you can grow lettuce!

      Here are the things we’ve grown during the winter months in the basement: many variety of leaf lettuce, green onions, carrots, parsley, chives, sorrel, radishes. You divide your bed into 1 foot squares and then plant with in that square. Carrots and radishes I plant 9 per 12″ square.

      Lettuces I plant 2 per square. Just got to experiment to get what you want. We don’t pull whole lettuce plants we pick the leaves off to get what we want and then it keeps growing.

      When you finish with a square and all your plants are pulled then mix in 1 cup of compost and then you can plant that square again. You need to mist every few days and use regular lights not grow lights! It needs 8 hours of light per day.

      I use the big shop lights. and they work well. My kids want to try Green beans this year, don’t think they’ll grow right but I’ll let them try!

      I try to grow 6 to 9 varieties of lettuces. Maybe don’t have a lot besides lettuce for the salad but at least it’s got lots of different kinds of lettuces! Hope this helps!

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