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      Hormones from Hell
      Struggling with mood swings, food cravings or other symptoms associated with
      pms or menopause?
      dr. phil, his wife robin and a panel of medical experts explain how you can
      stop suffering needlessly and bring hormonal balance into your life.

      robin mcgraw shares a list of natural supplements that have helped her put
      her hormones back in balance and ease menopausal symptoms.

      to relieve menopausal/pms symptoms (i take the middle 2)

      a.. Black Cohosh
      a.. B12 and B6 vitamins

      Folic Acid
      a.. Inositol

      “These four items are very good for overall menopausal symptoms,” explains
      Robin, “especially black cohosh, which is good for hot flashes. The B12, B6
      and folic acid help with mood and to ease you through the transition. The
      inositol also helps with mood.

      You take it at night and it helps you to

      Essential Oils (for a couple of years I’ve been taking all of these)
      a.. Flax Seed Oil
      a.. Evening Primrose Oil

      Vitamin E
      a.. Omega-3

      “These are really good overall for hormone symptoms,” says Robin. “Essential
      oils are good for joints because sore joints can be a symptom of menopause.”

      Menopause and Weight Gain
      Robin goes on to explain that weight gain can be a symptom of menopause
      because menopause affects the thyroid gland, which helps regulate body
      weight. “When you get your blood work done, there is a range for the thyroid
      and your doctor can tell you if yours is normal. I bought a basil
      thermometer and every morning for 10 days, I put it under my arm and
      recorded my temperature.

      If it’s even a degree below 98, then you are
      susceptible to having a low thyroid. Mine was 95. My doctor had told me I
      was fine, but mine was very low & I had the thyroid symptoms, so I went on
      natural Armour Thyroid hormone therapy.”

      She found a dr. that treated her
      symptoms, not her #s, just like I did. I take Armour now too.

      Dr. Holly Anderson from the prementrual syndrome clinic in Arcadia, CA said
      that women should be treated with natural progesterone. Not oral or creams,
      but a suppository prescription to balance out the estrogen in the body that
      causes all these symptoms. It may even help with women who suffer from
      ovarian cysts and dont’ want to get a hysterectomy. Holly also stresses
      the importance of eating frequently – every three hours – to combat mood

      When you have estrogen dominance, it suppresses your thyroid and
      you’re going to have transient hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar.

      Read more about her and her clinic here.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Health & Home Remedies Menopause – definitely OT!