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      just a noteUnPaid Ads Removed. Advertising in posts is prohibited. All Advertisements must be prepaid and preapproved Prior to posting. To promote your business in the forums, please see the advertising rates on the site.

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      some of the products. i am waiting for them to come in. info to come.

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      flutterbye, what is this? I mean it didn’t really say what they do. Just that the wellness of our health. Is it a company that you work for, or is it like being a sells person or what?

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      please e mail me or request more info on the website, that way i can get you more information about it. my e mail is

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      This is the best products to have in your home. We buy only. I have enough on my plate to sell. But my sister and mom order so I just give them the bucks. Great products my favorite is Sol U Mel. And the laundry detergent. Saves a lot of money.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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Work from Home All Other Ideas Melaleuca Oil