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      Sometimes people think they must just be friends with people their
      own age and their specific interests. Not so!! We all need friends
      of all ages.

      The newly single lady of course, needs friends her own
      age but don’t pass up friendships with other ages either. Hopefully
      she will find some “grandparent” age people who would love to adopt
      her and her family, especially if she is not close to her own.
      The advice about getting active in a church is good. Don’t just go
      and sit in the pew, rush out, and then complain about people not
      being friendly.

      They are just like everyone else, you must be
      approachable. My almost 40 daughter has a teen-age girl who just
      loves to go shopping with her and spend time with her boys. She is
      like one of their family.
      It takes time to meet people and make really good friends but I
      think you have gotten some good advice here.

      I know our neighborhood
      would love to welcome you.
      A couple of years ago a newly out of college gal came to our church
      and wanted to go to a Bible Study. She wandered into one of 50’s
      and 60’s age ladies. She liked us and stayed.

      We all went to her
      wedding and now she has about 10 “grandma’s” all anxious to get
      their hands on her new baby. She says if it hadn’t been for our
      group she would not have stayed at the church. She of course, has
      made lots of friends her age but we old gals still like to think we
      are special to her!

      Grandma D.

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